MapRun Orienteering

What are MapRun courses?

They're GPS or 'virtual' orienteering courses which you can take part in using an app on your smartphone. You choose & download a course then run or walk it, following the map on your phone or on a separate printed map if you prefer. You won't see any control flags on the course but your phone will be tracking you using your GPS signal & will bleep each time you reach the correct spot. After you've completed your course the phone will upload your results to the MapRun website.

Certain Garmin sports watches are able to load an additional app which can be used in conjunction with your phone. It sounds complicated, but it enables you to run with a printed map & your Garmin will act as a contact-free SI card, as in a "real" orienteering event. Your phone will only be needed to transfer the course initially & the results & track after your run.

MapRun courses have been used for small events & training by some clubs for some time and have really come into their own during the pandemic when we've been unable to hold mass events. The courses enable you to explore, exercise & have fun on your own or with your family group - & you can compare your results with others later if you wish & even sync your track to Strava!

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