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Autumn in Anglia

Entries are now open for our orienteering weekend in early October. We'll be at West Harling on Saturday 5th & in the centre of Bury St Edmunds the following day, so you'll experience both forest & urban orienteering.

It's possible for individuals to enter any of the main courses via the Fabian4 website (& also to hire a SI card if necessary) - it enables you to fast-track straight to the Start on the day, unless you're hiring a SI card, & ensures that we have the correct map for you. Entry on the day will depend on map availability.

Both days cater for all levels of experience - the urban event has "Taster" courses for newcomers - & we know that beginners often prefer to enter with friends/family members. If you're interested in group entry or a "Taster" course then you'll need to enter on the day - you'll probably want to ask our Helpdesk for advice on the best course to select anyway.


On Sunday morning a group of us met up at the Ipswich Cornhill to be issued with maps & instructions for our Elm-O - basically a fun score event trying to visit as many of the 55 elephant sculptures as we could in 90 minutes. There were no SI units or gripples to be seen; we had to collect a certain letter from the sponsorship information from each statue (a way of ensuring that we didn't just sit in the pub & fill in our control cards from one of the official glossy brochures!). Urban 'O' planners could take note that the prominent placement of the statues meant that we visited some of the best parts of the town - shopping centres, railway station, waterfront (the latter two linked by a delightful path along the Gipping, depending on your route choice) - there was even a statue inside the library - no poking about in the back of car parks or under stairs to find hidden controls!

There were approximately 37 participants, a mixture of experienced orienteers, local runners & family groups, some aiming to visit all 55, some just wanting to explore the town centre & spend a bit more time enjoying the patterns on the different elephants. A total of £60 was raised for the St Elizabeth Hospice. Our thanks go to Clive & Sally for devising & organising the event. The Elmers will be on display until 7th September & if you weren't able to join us on Sunday you can still obtain a copy of the O map from Clive & Sally - perhaps at Hardwick Heath on Saturday? - if you'd like to try the run on your own.

Our Next Events:

West Harling

5th October 2019

Day 1 of our October orienteering weekend, "Autumn in Anglia" is set in the forest at West Harling. The area contains mixed woodland and, although contours are not a feature, there are various tracks, paths, chalk pits, tumuli & distinctive trees to aid navigation. There will be a range of courses to suit everyone, from experienced orienteers to complete newcomers & from juniors to those of more advanced years. The event is included in the EA league for members of local orienteering clubs but beginners are welcome - we'll explain the basics & help you to get started. The preliminary information can be downloaded from the link below:

05/10/2019 - 10:00
Regional, EA League

Bury St Edmunds Urban

6th October 2019

The second event in our Autumn weekend is an urban race in the lovely market town of Bury St Edmunds. There will be courses to suit all levels - the event is included in 3 different urban leagues for experienced orienteers, so there are courses to match the age categories, while newcomers may try a "Taster" course if they prefer. Our volunteers will be on hand to brief first-timers & help with course selection.

The event centre will be based in the Bury Town Football Club & the courses will start from the Abbey Gardens. Juniors will find their checkpoints located within, or close by, the Gardens, while adults will be planning routes out into the streets & alleys of the town. From the ruins of the Abbey to The Arc to the residential areas - there'll be plenty of contrast as you navigate around your chosen course! The preliminary information can be downloaded from the link below:

06/10/2019 - 10:00