About Us

Suffolk Orienteering Club (SUFFOC) is a small, friendly club with a membership drawn mainly, but not exclusively, from within the county. The Club is affiliated to British Orienteering and to the East Anglian Orienteering Association (EAOA).

Founded in 1972, SUFFOC held its first event in Rendlesham Forest later that year and now stages events across the county - and some of the founder members are still actively involved in orienteering!

The Club is fortunate in having several members experienced and skilled in mapping, enabling the development of a variety of areas suitable for orienteering, from regional events to small-scale training courses. Members have also liaised with schools wishing to establish orienteering in their grounds and helped to set up permanent orienteering courses in local parks.

Every year SUFFOC holds at least three main events, each covering the full range of colour-coded courses and scheduled to complement the overall East Anglian programme. There is also the Simon Peck Summer Series: local events with a more limited range of courses which can therefore be accommodated in the smaller mapped areas. Although newcomers may start at the winter events, with a suitable choice of course, the Summer Series is designed to be "Come-&-Try-It", with additonal courses for the more experienced. The Club also holds training events for members; some of these are incorporated into the Summer Series.

Although only a small club SUFFOC is not short of enthusiasm, and members travel widely to experience orienteering in different types of terrain, both in the UK and further afield. The familiar blue-and-yellow club kit can be seen at a variety of events, from "Springtime in Shropshire" to the various British Championship events and the JK. 2016 saw a record SUFFOC entry at the latter, with 8 relay teams representing the Club on the final day and with a "Mini" team of three Juniors achieving 3rd place in their event. In 2014 & 2017 the Club won its way through to the finals of the inter-club CompassSport competition and were treated to excellent days of orienteering at an army training ground near Aldershot and on the edge of Dartmoor.

SUFFOC Juniors are also well-established in the orienteering field, with members selected to represent England at the World Schools Orienteering Championships in Turkey and in the Interland Competition.