Data Privacy - Photography

The Data Privacy rules also apply to images collected & held by Suffolk Orienteering club, so please note:

  • we may take photographs of you if you are competing, spectating or volunteering at our events
  • we try to obtain photographs of our members competing, or being involved in presentations, at regional, national & multi-day events
  • your image may be presented on our Facebook page,  on our website and in our newsletters (including "The Punch")
  • the Facebook page is set so that you cannot be 'tagged', i.e. identified, and no contact details will be given on any of our sites or in our publications
  • if you are a club official you will need to be introduced on the website: your name & photograph will be displayed, together with your club (not personal) email address
  • images collected by the club are held by the webmaster, who is also the Facebook administrator, and those selected for display may remain in place indefinitely
  • if you'd like to obtain a higher resolution copy of any image of yourself or your family please contact the webmaster
  • if you would prefer that you (or a child or vulnerable person in your care) are not photographed at an event please speak to the Event Organiser
  • if you wish to have a photograph removed from the website or Facebook page - or from the Club's collection - please contact the webmaster
  • if you wish to ensure that a photograph does not appear in "The Punch" please contact the editor in advance
  • we select "action" and "happy-looking" shots for our publicity material - if the photo of you or your child is to feature prominently or in close-up we will always contact you to obtain permission first