Why join a club? - as unlike some sports, you don’t have to have a “race licence” in order to enter an event. The biggest incentive may be financial - reduced entry fees to most events, discounts on kit, etc, & the fact that individuals are then covered by a 3rd party insurance scheme.

Like to compare your progress & achievements with those of others? You’ll need to join to be included in the various leagues & competitions and in the national incentive & ranking schemes.

Not really competitive, only take part for enjoyment? You can still benefit from access to the news, information & training available from the club, & from the support of other like-minded individuals.

Membership is in two parts - you join British Orienteering & also your local club - & the main benefits are listed below:

As a member of British Orienteering you will be able:

and, in addition, as a member of SuffOC you will:

  • receive the quarterly edition of the club magazine "The Punch", plus other club news & updates by email
  • be eligible to compete in the SuffOC & East Anglian Leagues and Championships and to represent SuffOC in competitions, including national team events such as the Compass Sport Trophy for adults & the Peter Palmer Relays & Yvette Baker Trophy for Juniors
  • receive free entry to occasional technical training events run by SuffOC
  • on reaching the required standard, juniors can join the East Anglian Junior Squad to further their development

Fees (2022 - payable from 1st November 2021)

Fees are calculated on a per person basis: for British Orienteering this is £15 per adult and £5 per junior (below 21 years on the membership renewal date) and the additional component for SuffOC is £9 per adult and £2 per junior, whether joining as individuals or as a family group. The advantage of joining as a family group is the convenience of one person being able to enter the details of all members of the group under a single log-in to the British Orienteering website.


  • The subscription dates are from 1st January each year. There is no reduced rate for joining late in the year, say in September. Potential new members are advised to delay joining until 1st November, when they will pay the annual rate for 2022, i.e have 2 months free membership for November/December 2021.
  • A new fee structure was confirmed at the 2015 AGM. New members are welcome to join as family groups and those registered under the pre-2016 SuffOC scheme remain as groups on the British Orienteering database but since then the fees have been calculated on an individual basis, as shown in the examples in the table below:


 British Orienteering/SuffOC Membership Fees 2022


British Orienteering




£15 per person



Junior (20 yrs or under)

£5 per person



Family (grouped for convenience)

£15 per Senior (2 maximum)

+ £5 per Junior


£9 per Senior

+ £2 per Junior

£62 (for 2 Seniors + 2 Juniors, for example)



The simplest way is to join is to use the British Orienteering website: this link will take you directly to the correct page, with SuffOC and EAOA already selected. If you prefer to pay by cheque or direct debit then this link is the one to use.