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Area Notes
Christchurch Park

A municipal park in the centre of Ipswich, with a mixture of parkland with mature trees, formal gardens and an arboretum containing trees planted by each mayor of the town, a tradition dating from Victorian times.


Suitable for smaller events.

Map information: Scale 1:5,000; updated 2019
Location: TM161453
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Christchurch Park Location: TM161453
Culford School

Culford School is set in 480 acres of beautiful Suffolk parkland with an 18th century mansion at its centre. In addition to the extensive parkland, the grounds contain woodland, shrubberies, a lake and complex areas of school buildings and sports facilities.


The mapped area offers good opportunities for sprint-style courses.

Map information: Scale 1:5000, 2017
Location: TL 837703
Eye , ,

This is an urban map of a small market town, but also includes a couple of patches of well-featured woodland and a steep climb up the old castle motte.


Suitable for smaller events.


Further information about the town itself can be found here.

Map information: Scale 1:4,000; Winter 2010
Location: TM 145739
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This map is in two sections, the private grounds of a school and a small patch of very "runnable" woodland, connected via paths across a golf course.


Suitable for smaller events.

Map information: Scale 1:4,000; Winter 2010
Location: TM 015581
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Foxhall Woods and Rushmere Heath

These are private birch and holly woodlands at the head of the Mill river, and surrounding the speedway stadium, to the east of Ipswich. There is a very intricate path network and plenty of point features. The map has been extended through part of the Bixley Farm housing estate to take in the eastern fringes of Rushmere Heath. This area mixes oak woodland with gorse/grass heathland and also includes a couple of golf fairways.


Suitable for smaller events.

Map information: Scale 1:7,500; Summer 2012
Location: TM 218446
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Gunton Denes & Dip Farm , , , ,

The area is a stretch of beach, cliff and warren off Corton Road on the northern outskirts of Lowestoft.  There are low sand dunes and cliff faces covered with scrub, bracken and gorse, together with a multitude of small paths on the clifftop, and more open areas beyond.  The presence of contours plus several interesting features provides good exercise for a small event.

Map information: Scale 1:5000; Spring 2015, updated 2017
TM 547957
Hardwick , , , ,

This is a modest-sized park (with attached Scout campground) adjacent to the West Suffolk Hospital to the SE of Bury St Edmunds. The park contains several differing areas of grassland - parkland with specimen trees, playing fields & wildflower meadows - plus small sections of deciduous woodland. There is a small fishing lake and other easily-recognised features.

The map has also been extended to include the complex urban geography of the Nowton estate & this section may also be used for suitable events.

Suitable for smaller introductory & training events.

Map information: Scale 1:5,000; Spring 2016
Location: TL 855628
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Haughley Park , ,

An area of mixed woodland and open parkland on a private estate between Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket. It has a wealth of detail (including water features) and an excellent path network.


Suitable for smaller events.


Map information: Scale 1:6,000; Autumn 2013, updated 2015/17
Location: TM004624
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The section currently in use is to the N & NW of Haverhill. It contains the usual suburban mix of quiet roads, paths, cycle tracks, sports facilities and small open spaces. The map has been derived from Open Orienteering Map.

Suitable for smaller events.

Open Orienteering
Location: TL 686 448