Autumn in Anglia 1: West Harling

From the Organiser: 

It is always a pleasure to be involved with an event where all those with a task complete it in an efficient and good humored manner. Many thanks go to planner Andrew and controller Mike who eventually got together to provide a thoroughly enjoyable event according to the numerous comments received. In some areas the vegetation provided much more of a challenge than when the area was mapped but runners rose above that challenge. The team of volunteers from both SUFFOC and WAOC worked well together and created a good atmosphere which permeated throughout  the day. The splendid weather also played its part.

Thanks also go to Forestry England and their various parts that provided the permission to use this area.

Phil Halford

From the Planner: 

In planning West Harling,  I wanted to use the eastern  area as some of it had never been used by the club before.  In walking the area I discovered the fastrunning areas had not many good features for control sites whilst the areas with lots of features were bramble strewn.  We were also given additional land restrictions not experienced at previous events where controls could not be placed - but orienteers could happily run through.  The courses were thereforeplanned trying to avoid the brambles as much as possible but using the most runnable parts.  From the feedback I am glad you enjoyed courses and the open area with rootstock banks.  This area is owned by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust which I would like to thank as well the Forestry Commission for the use of the land.  The sheep in the area were a surprise as the first time they were encountered putting the controls out in the rain on Friday afternoon.

Orienteering has been transformed by the internet and e-mail.  These failed during the planning of this event turning it into a last minute affair from well planned in advance.   The maps were printed on the Wednesday before the event.  Many thanks to David at BD&H for his service in doing this.

Thank you also to Rod Mansel and Paul Lowe for their help with the SI Equipment and to all the helpers in Phil Halfords team from SUFFOC and WAOC and for ordering the lovely weather.

 Andrew Elliott (SUFFOC)