Ickworth Park 01/03/20

From the Organiser: 

Thank to you all for coming out on what ended up as a lovely day to be in Ickworth.  Thank you to all the helpers who made my life very simple on the day.  Thank you for Colin's calm presence and Sally's excellent well managed courses.  One thing I have to pass on is we had the shepherd approach us to say that some of the gates had been left open around the park.  This could be other users of the park so I hope it wasn't a fault of any of our competitors.  Hope to see you at an event soon.

Clive Wilkinson

From the Planner: 

I'm really pleased the sun came out and showed Ickworth off to its best.  I know it was a bit wet under foot but hopefully it didn't take too long to dry out. It was lovely to plan on the south part of the map 'thanks to Martin for updating this area so excellently' the first time we've had an event on it in six years. Thanks also to the controller and organiser for support and guidance and to everyone who came and tried my courses.

Sally Wilkinson

From the Controller: 

Sally made great use of the woodland blocks to produce runnable courses - with the natural features of pesky brambles in places, and more water underfoot than usual. Some paths were so wet that woodland running became attractive. Sunshine on the day allayed the cold temperature and wind in the open areas. The usual Suffoc organisation delivered a good day’s orienteering at Ickworth. Well done team!

Colin West