Where does it take place?




Forests, heathland..   





 In parks..  






Even in towns..





Although often thought of as an agricultural county, Suffolk has a variety of locations suitable for orienteering events - and the club has a group of members experienced and skilled in producing the necessary intricate, large-scale maps. Our mapped areas are listed here and include some of the forests and heaths of the Brecks and Sandlings, together with various parks under National Trust, Council or private ownership. Urban orienteering is becoming increasingly popular (the photograph above shows one of our members enjoying an urban challenge in Cumbria) and SuffOC is actively developing plans for local events.

Our Events page lists East Anglian and the larger national events, in addition to our SuffOC ones: by attending events in adjacent areas you can orienteer most weekends over the winter if you wish! The full fixtures list appears on the British Orienteering website: this link takes you to a page filtered for East Anglia (EAOA).