Club News:

Club Champs 2019

The presentation of the Punchbowl & a SuffOC mug to Chloe, the winner of the 2019 Club Championships, was made at our Knettishall Heath event on Sunday.

The Club Champs were held at NOR's Shouldham Warren event in December. The weather, the venue & the courses combined to make a highly enjoyable event, &, once the number-crunching had been carried out, Chloe was in first place, followed by Will & then Isaac. Congratulations everyone, & our thanks to NOR providing the basis for such a good competition.

Knettishall Heath 12/01/20

If you were kind enough to donate your map so that another competitor could use it for an on-the-day-entry after the printed maps had run out - first, a big thank you from the Planner & Organiser, & second, you can download the map file from this page if you wish to have a copy for your records.

2020 SuffOC League

The new version of our Club League starts this Sunday - January 12th - at Knettishall Laughing

John has circulated the basic info in our Punch newsletter & you can find an outline of the new scheme - with provisional dates for some of the events - here (please check back at intervals for further additions to the list). You'll find that the best way to score points is run the class recommended for your age group (which will be the same as the one for an EA League event) although you can enhance your score by "running up". The scoring system  will be similar to the one in the previous version of the league - it looks complicated at first, but does take into account age class & level of difficulty.

Online entries are open until 8th January - on-the-day entry will be possible on all courses, subject to map availability, but will, apart from those for Juniors & club volunteers, cost a little extra.

Participants in the Club League do need to be current members - err - have you remembered to renew your subscription?

EA Leagues 2019

The results of both the EA League & the new EA Urban League have now been published. Congratulations to our eight age-class winners - Roderick, Chloe, Bronwen, Lizzie, Sarah & Sally in the EAL & to Alesha & Phil in the EAUL. The presentation is scheduled to take place at SOS’s EA League event at Writtle Forest on 2 February at 1pm (weather permitting – it will be rescheduled to 16th February if necessary).

The 2020 EA League starts on 2nd February at SOS's Writtle Forest event & the 2020 EA Urban League on 16th May (tbc) in Harwich.

Simon Peck Award 2019

Congratulations to Colin, who was awarded the Simon Peck Award for 2019 for his work on updating & greatly extending the Gunton Denes & Dip Farm map - in addition to planning a popular 3-course event for this year's Summer Series. Will, our chairman, finally caught up with Colin to make the presentation during our Daisy's Wood event.