SuffOC MapRun League

Have you tried any of our MapRun courses? We now have a variety of courses, situated in many parts of the county - enough for us to be able to set up a Club League for these courses, in addition to our regular league for official events. Sarah has set up a pilot league for the remaining months in 2020 & this will be scaled up for next year.

There are 5 courses which will enable you to score league points until the end of September, in Woodbridge, Ipswich East, Cedars Park (Stowmarket), Hardwick & Nowton (Bury St Edmunds) & Brandon Country Park. Additional courses will be added to the list from August onwards - the first of these is at Kesgrave. You can find full details of the league here.

If you haven't tried MapRun yet - they're great fun, & this page will help you to get started. It might be worth practising on a course which isn't on our league list to enable you to sort out the technical bits first - all our courses are listed here.

The other 'News' is that this week MapRun has announced an app which will work on many Garmins. You'll still need MapRunF on your phone, but, once you've transferred your course to your Garmin you can run without your phone - you'll definitely need to download & print a copy of the course map but your Garmin records your track & gives a satisfying bleep/buzz on your wrist as you reach each control.