Permanent Orienteering Courses (POCs)

 Permanent orienteering courses have been set up in a number of forests and country parks across the region. They provide an excellent opportunity to practise without the pressure of an event - or just to enjoy a run or walk in the area!

The controls are usually marked by small red-and-white squares, but sometimes smartphone QR codes are also included.  The markers are situated on posts, fences, etc - but not always visible from the normal line of approach!



Maps are available for purchase or download: they will normally show all the controls and sequences will be suggested to give courses of differing lengths and level of navigational difficulty. Advice will also be given on whether it is best to avoid certain sections, e.g. during the bird breeding season.

Links to permanent orienteering courses are given here:




Those found in Suffolk are described briefly below:

Brandon Country Park: map available here.

Bridge Wood (Orwell Country Park), Ipswich: the map is available for download here.

Holywells Park, Ipswich: the leaflet, which includes the map, is available here.

Needham Lake, Needham Market: mapped on behalf of Mid-Suffolk District Council, with information and maps available for download from the council website here.

Rendlesham Forest, Woodbridge: The map is available for download here.

Thetford Forest - High Lodge: maps from the Forest Centre (there is also a Site Entry Fee, which includes parking charges)

Clare Castle Country Park: a beginners' course can be found here.

In addition, the club is also building up a number of "virtual" courses which can be followed with a smartphone & the MapRunF app. Information can be found in our MapRun section, which can be accessed from the adjacent menu.