Beccles Common 01/05/17

From the Organiser: 

Many thanks for all those that came along on May Day to enjoy Beccles Common. The day ran very smoothly apart from the issue of two controls ‘moving’ during the course of the event. I was alerted to the issue by one of the experienced Suffolk Orienteering Club runners who should know what she was talking about around 11.15 and ran out to check positions and eventually got them relocated. It appears they were both moved along a path but out of immediate sight. When I heard from runners on the score event that had searched and not found the control (and I met a couple out in the field seeking) I have re-instated that control for them though I appreciate that can’t make up for lost time running around thinking ‘I’m sure I’m in the right place!’  It would also have affected the Long course, but the missing control was just further down the path you are likely to have taken and so most people punched the control. Our apologies if it spoilt the day in any way. If anyone wants to have their results modified because of this issue then do email me.

Otherwise the only other trauma was a punch breaking from old age on control 1 for the score. The punch was replaced and perhaps no-one other than the reporter of the problem was affected.

My thanks to the volunteers who helped register, start & finish, and collect controls. The chilly wind blew right through those at the start and finish so my particular thanks to them. Thanks also to the Deputy Town Clerk, an orienteer himself, who worked with me to bring this idea to fruition. Charlie did all the pre-printing, supplied the biscuits and kept the Mayor’s chain safe while he completed a course so was a great asset. The Town Council are interested to see if further orienteering activities/events can be put on in the Town so look out for a possible relay event or something down on the marshes at some point.

Simon Hooton