Daisy's Wood 15/01/17

From the Organiser: 

Thanks to all of you for attending today's event and hope you have dried out and warmed up.  It was good to see a good number of newcomers trying orienteering for the first time. I hope to see you in the forest again soon. The courses Martin prepared were well received and provided good use of what is a small, but interesting, area. 
Thank you to all the SUFFOC helpers who made my job very easy on the day.  Finally thanks to Martin  and Richard for an enjoyable event.
Clive Wilkinson

From the Planner: 

Thank you to everyone who braved today’s less than perfect weather and ventured to Daisy’s Wood. You probably won’t want to know that I was enjoying glorious sunlit forests while putting out the controls on Saturday!

Thank you also to those who were complimentary about their course, or offered constructive criticism.

 Please do enter your route on RouteGadget. Then I can visit the site later this week and see how successful I was in keeping runners on the senior courses off the paths and offering different route choices, both of which I tried to do where possible. By learning from the routes you actually took I can try to improve the courses next time I plan.

 (If you’ve not used Routegadget before, just click on “Draw”, then select your course and name, and then click on the map to draw your route. There are “undo” and “reset” buttons if you need them. You can then animate and compare your route with others in “Results”.)

 Martin Hore