West Harling Heath 03 12 17

From the Organiser: 

I hope you all enjoyed today's event and Sally's courses.

Thank you to all the team of SUFFOC helpers who ensured that the event ran smoothly and meant that I had very little to do apart from wandering about dispensing chocolates!

Special thanks to Paul Lowe for resurrecting the dead download laptop in time for the event.

Thank you also to Kim and Tim for their controlling, and also to Forest Enterprise for allowing us to use West Harling.

Rod Mansel

From the Planner: 

I really enjoyed planning the courses for today as I didn’t know this part of West Harling very well and found it had some lovely runnable areas. Although there are some parts that are block forest, there are also some beech and other deciduous parts. Even in the month between taping the sites and the event the whole area had become so much more runnable so I knew there would be some quick times today. I tried to create some route choices on the longer courses that challenged the view that sticking to the paths would be quicker. I hope people put their routes on Routegadget so I can see whether this was the case.  Thanks go to Kim and Tim as controllers. Their attention to detail definitely helped me improve my courses. Also thanks to Rod as organiser who ensured that the event ran smoothly and provided very welcome chocolates!

Sally Wilkinson