Event Areas

Area Notes
Abbey Gardens, Bury St Edmunds ,

A small area of parkland adjacent to the cathedral in central Bury St Edmunds and containing gardens, play areas and a wealth of ancient ruins.


Suitable for smaller events.


Further information about the gardens can be found here.

Map information: Scale 1:2000; Autumn 2013, updated 2019
Location: TL 857643
Alton Water

A narrow strip of woodland and open grassland along the southern shore of Alton Water, a reservoir between Ipswich and Manningtree. 


The area contains sufficient paths and detail for a summer evening event.

Map information: Scale 1:7,500; Winter 2011
Location: TM 139364
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Barnham Cross, Thetford , , , ,

This newly-mapped area covers SE Thetford and a section of Barnham Cross Common to the west of the A134. The urban area is primarily dense estate housing broken up by numerous alleyways and areas of green space. The small size of the blocks of housing and their irregular pattern make for an abundance of map detail and lots of navigational decision points. The adjacent common is made up of a combination of open areas, scattered bushes and small copses which provide a contrasting navigational challenge.

Suitable for smaller events.

Map information: Scale 1:4000; Spring 2016
Location: TL 867817
Beccles Common

The common is a mix of open grassland (with a section used as a simple golf course) with scrub and surrounding woodland. The railway station is close by, with "The Avenue" providing a convenient link to the Common.


Suitable for small training events and activities.

Map information: Scale 1:5,000; 2011, revised 2013 & 2017
Location: TM 428904
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Belstead Valley

A combination of small patches of wood and grassland with footpaths, giving a long but rather narrow area along the line of Belstead Brook to the south of Ipswich. Adjoins the Bourne Park map.


Suitable for smaller events.

Map information: Scale 1:7,500; Winter 2012
Location: TM 128420
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Bourne Park

An area of formal parkland with footpaths to adjacent patches of woodland and marsh along the east end of Belstead Brook to the south of Ipswich. Adjoins the Belstead Valley map.


Suitable for smaller events.

Map information: Scale 1:5,000; Summer 2010
Location: TM 151420
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A combination of the paths over the water meadows alongside the River Gipping west of Ipswich, a small but very complex (and steep) piece of woodland and the paths and streets of Bramford village.


Suitable for smaller events.

Map information: Scale 1:7,500; Summer 2011
Location: TM 128465
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Broom Hill & The Dales

A small piece of open parkland in the centre of Ipswich, linked via the roads and paths of a housing estate to a rather complex, but somewhat overgrown, old brick quarry.


 Suitable for smaller events.

Map information: Scale 1:5,000; Autumn 2014
Location: TM 154459
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Bury St Edmunds , , ,

The historic market town of Bury St Edmunds has plenty of variety for urban orienteering: the older town centre with its market square contrasting with the modern 'The Arc' shopping centre, the Abbey Gardens & ruins of the original abbey alongside St Edmundsbury Cathedral, the interconnecting streets, alleys & pathways, the residential & industrial estates - and with the rivers Lark & Linnet weaving through the centre.


Map: 1:5000, 2018/9
Location: TL855640
Bury St Edmunds West